Hello! We are a small shop of “informed” talent, and are located on the lovely North Shore of Boston. Interior Designer Linda Lyons “sailed into” ID one day in 2004, by helping a friend’s sister who owned a design business while one of her employees was on an extended maternity leave. Linda considered the new opportunity whilst hoisting the mainsail of a beautiful 12 meter yacht in Greenwich Harbour. She had an enviable education and distinguished background in fine art, graphic design and web design. She loved graphic design, designing web pages and could code too, (a closet geek for sure) but realized designing spaces where people traverse was not really different from designing a web site. A home should have a flow that makes sense, connecting room-to-room in a relaxed order, using certain colours and patterns as aids, as well as capitalizing on the unique tastes, textures and collections of each client. Since her back and neck were clamouring for a change from siting at a computer all day, she decided to explore interior design. It was a natural pairing — connecting spatial design, painting, colour and textures. Extensive travel in her youth opened her eyes to global design and set her on a well-informed path. She found ID very satisfying. Seeing someone sink into a luxurious sofa with a big smile is also pretty great. BELOW: A few things she likes.