Welcome! We love what we do. To share a bit about ourselves, I quite fortunately fell into ID one blustery Autumn day, while sailing in Greenwich Harbour during a promotional photo shoot. A friend aboard had a sister needing help managing her firm while an employee was out on a lengthy maternity leave, and my last web design project had completed just days before. I loved designing pages and coding too, (closet geek for sure) but realized designing spaces where people traversed was not so very different from designing a web site. A room should have a flow that makes sense, connecting it to the next room in relaxed order, using certain colours and patterns as aids. Since my back and neck were clamoring for a change, I decided to explore interior design. It was a natural pairing. I’ve always loved art, painting, colour and textures. Some travel in my youth to open my eyes set me on a better-informed path. I found ID very satisfying. Seeing someone sink into a luxurious sofa with a big smile is also pretty great. BELOW: A few things I like.