proposal For the jlb 2017 designer show house at belmont’s 1853 william flagg homer house

I found the rich hues of the imported tiles from the Netherlands and Morocco in the second floor ladies bath offered a beautiful palette from which to begin. I decided the walls should be a rich blue paper. (I considered both Phillips Jefferies Lacquered Raffia in Cobalt, or the Indigo grasscloth by Ralph Lauren. I used the RL) The single stained-glass window is gracefully accented with a flowing drape of blue Robert Allen fabric, made resplendent a with sparkling embellished tape to catch the sun. John Robshaw rug and bath accessories from Orama’s in Olde Town Marblehead further enhance the room. Silver is the accent in this space, found in the three sets of vanity wall sconces and contemporary, six arm-silver chandelier. NOTE: I did all of the art which were abstractions of the tiles. Great fun.


It’s all in the details

Cushy patterned rug and bath towels are perfect with the tiles. The tub was a mess of dirty white paint build up. To everyone’s surprise, we discovered a beautiful copper tub (original to the house) after a week of scraping. A treasure found. (it was a major excavation) IMAGE RIGHT: All fabrics by Robert Allen and Brunschwig & Fils. Linda is seated on the gleaming copper tub during an interview for The Global Design Post. (Photo by GDP Editor, Diana Place)